Are you struggling to sell your career coaching program at a premium price? Let’s figure out what’s going on. 

You’re joining us in the middle of a four-part series about the most profitable niches in the coaching industry. This is Part 2! If you didn’t catch Part 1 and you want to go back and listen to it, just hop back one episode to 197, but feel free to listen to these episodes in any order. 

In this episode, we’re focusing on career coaches. I see career coaches with niche audiences having a lot of success, so how are they doing it? Let’s unpack it. We’re talking about price points, marketing skills, and most importantly, specialization and specificity. 

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • How to position yourself as more than just a resume writer 
  • Things that are holding you back from making more money 
  • Offers that don’t sell at high price points 
  • Why you need to get specific with your program promise 
  • The key to surpassing six figures 
  • What you can and cannot promise as a career coach
  • The importance of qualifying your leads 
  • How you’re underselling yourself 
  • What skill set you need to develop
  • The difference between validation in the corporate world and in your own business

You have the skills that you need to be a successful career coach, you just need to know how to communicate that effectively to your audience. This episode will teach you the missing piece to your offer that will bring in those high-end sales. 

If you’re a business owner with three or more years of expertise in your area and you want to launch your program and enroll new high-ticket coaching clients in the next 90 days, the Lean Launch Cohort is for you. Find out more about what Lean Launch can do for you and apply for the next cohort at  

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