On this episode, Jereshia shares how The Hawk Hustle all began.  Through life-changing events, you’ll hear how she strategically found ways to make a living and the motivation behind it all.  

Jereshia shares the importance of identifying those defining moments in your life and learning how to pivot.  From juggling college, modeling in auto shows for Chrysler, interning and starting an online store, Jereshia shares the important principles she discovered along the way that laid the foundation of her successful business journey today.

Jereshia shares how she perfected the POP Method through her own personal journey and was able to leave her Corporate America job to help others through her signature service, Services That Sell.  Gain entrepreneurial inspiration and find out why Jereshia stresses the importance of opportunity cost, profit margin and focus in this episode of Jereshia Said!

“Most of us procrastinate because the fire under our ass isn’t hot enough to get us moving. The reality is, you have to make the decision to get started.”

– Jereshia Hawk

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • The creation of the POP Method
  • Why you should know your end goal
  • The benefits of focusing on one signature service
  • How The Hawk Hustle all began
  • The importance of knowing when to pivot in life and business

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