Are you ready to scale your business?

Listen in as Jereshia explains that the best way to scale to six and seven figures in your business is to do less so you can earn more.  She shares what her next step is in her business and gives you clarity on whether or not you are in the position to scale your business.

Find out the top priority when starting a business before creating digital products, creating a course and building a membership group.  Jereshia breaks down gaining consistency and increasing your profit margins, and how to gain your time back, before you can even focus on scaling your business.  You’ll hear the exact process Jereshia followed in order to replace her salary, bring in four figures a month, allowed her to increase her profit margin and helped her begin scaling her business.    

Jereshia shakes up the norm when explaining the truth behind passive income and why not everyone is successful at creating it.  A lot of people are focusing on the wrong things and not completing the pre-work that is crucial prior to scaling. Get ready to find out why scaling your business means selling less ,and if you are a viable candidate to take this next step on this episode of Jereshia Said.

Here are some highlights of this episode…

  • How to increase your profit margins
  • Step by step process to determine if it is the right time to scale
  • Scaling your business by doing less and earning more
  • How to regain your time back
  • The number one priority when starting a business

Raising your rate takes more effort than just deciding on a new price. Then comes the work of addressing the objections, effectively articulating your value in your marketing content, and designing curriculum that delivers on the promise you sold the client into. Need some help with this? 

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