How much content do you need to create before you can make money?

Don’t believe the hype!  You don’t have to create tons of content in order to make money!  You can flip the funnel and do it a different way!

In this episode, Jereshia breaks down the sales cycle your clients go through before they are ready to buy, how you can step out of the traditional strategies of your industry to obtain consistent income and why you should unlearn what you’ve been taught about online marketing.

Listen in as Jereshia shares how she got her own boyfriend to apply her sales cycle to his industry in order to break down barriers and provide accessibility for his ideal audience by creating high-value content and leveraging online marketing in its simplest form.

Tune in as Jereshia explains that “just because you’ve never seen it done before in your industry, doesn’t mean it can’t be done,” on this episode of Jereshia Said.

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Learn the 3 different stages of awareness every customer goes through when purchasing
  • Discover what key concept is needed, no matter who you are, in order to make a sale
  • Find out how Jereshia got her own boyfriend to get her framework to work for his private equity industry
  • Why you should unlearn what you’ve been taught about online marketing
  • What type of content should be created in order to create a consistent income

You and I both know that it’s time that you take full ownership of your expertise. Finally learn how to clarify your program promise, articulate your value, and organically launch your $3k – $10k group coaching program. 

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