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Let’s get this clear right off the bat. You can’t want all the glitz and glam if you have no foundation built, sis. Think of it like this: would you go to Target, Home Goods, or Ikea and purchase thousands of dollars in furniture for a house that hasn’t even been built yet. Nothing but the plot of land. The answer is no. It’s the same thing when people are wanting to start a business or wanting to add additional streams of income.


Before you hit the big leagues you need to make sure your backyard is solid. How are your back-end operations? Do actually have anything to sell? Is your website up? We say we want more money, more traffic, more attention but ask yourself this: would you be able to handle all the attention and all the traffic to your business with the way it is right now? Not how you envision it in 5 or 10 years, we’re talking right now. Could you handle that growth and that demand? Would you, as a business be able to provide a high-quality customer experience?


Honest alert: if we’re being real, the answer again, is no.


Don’t let this get you down because you are still starting out and in the beginning stage (hello 1-3 years of business). There are other things to worry about besides “more, more, more”.


If you aren’t in a space to where you’re making consistent four or five figures in your business it’s most likely because:

  1. Your product or service hasn’t been vetted enough
  2. You don’t have the proper messaging to communicate the value of your offer


With that being said the issue isn’t that enough people are seeing it, it’s that not enough people are understanding it. So getting more traffic and in front of more people isn’t going to solve this issue, it is going to amplify it.

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Most of us claim we want more but in reality, we aren’t ready for more because we can’t handle what “more” really encompasses. If you can’t handle the little that you have now, having more won’t do you any better. We need stop searching for more and enjoy where we’re at now and get our current situation as poppin’ as it can be.


Back to the house example: you wouldn’t invite or want more people coming to ya crib if the floors weren’t finished. Am I right or am I right? Don’t worry about someone else’s chapter 12 when you’re at chapter 3. Work and perfect what you have now and the rest will follow. Respect and trust your process and that bigger audience and more traffic will come to when you can handle it.

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