Services That Sell Case Study Submission

1. Take out your phone (or camera/DSLR if you have one).

2. Find decent lighting — we recommend natural light, so face a window during daylight for best results.

3. Find a quiet area & speak up so we can hear you.

4. Hold your phone/camera steady or prop it up on a table in front of you. Position it horizontally like a TV.

5. Hit the “Record” button.

6. After you’ve recorded your video, complete the short form by clicking the button below, upload your video and submit your review. =)


Want some other guidelines to give you some ideas and prompts as you create your video? Click here!

Why you should submit your Services That Sell Case Study: 

Get a chance to be selected as a guest on a future Jereshia Said podcast episode

Celebrate your accomplishments and how far you have progressed

✅ Inspire someone who was just like you to investing in themselves and transforming their business #TheirWinsAreYourWins