Do you feel guilty about charging more for your services and making more money?

It’s worth taking some time to ponder this question. Try getting your journal out and noting down what comes up. Maybe you’ll find a hidden belief lurking beneath the surface. Do you find yourself thinking thoughts like “more money, more problems” or “money is the route of all evil”? Maybe you have a fear that you won’t be able to handle the money when it comes.

If you’ve had a hard time raising your rates and getting the compensation you deserve, then you’re going to want to tune in to this episode. I’ll be sharing some key insights and practical tools to help you get over the guilt and claim what’s rightfully yours.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • You’re capable of rewriting your story – If you have a limiting belief that comes from your past, you have the ability to change it.
  • Are you projecting – Make sure you don’t project your limiting money beliefs onto your potential clients. Don’t make the buying decision for them. Articulate your value and let them decide for themselves.
  • What is your intention? – If you really cared about providing excellent service and helping your clients achieve massive transformations, then you wouldn’t care about getting paid what you deserve. Is your true intention to serve? If so, the more money you make, the greater your ability to serve. You can’t help anyone if you’re broke.
  • How to break a limiting mindset – After identifying each of your limiting money beliefs and their origins, ask yourself whether they are true? Are they serving you today? If not, you can let them go.
  • How much money is enough? – Why do you need to put a cap on how much money you can have? This is another example of a limiting belief. Why would you want to limit how many millions of dollars you have when you’re not even a millionaire yet? Don’t restrict yourself in the present by putting a limit on your future.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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Check out this episode!

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