My special guest on this episode, Kemi Doll, has been crushing it as of late! And she’s here today to give you some insight into how she’s getting it done.

Kemi is a coach for women of color in academic medicine. She teaches women strategies to secure grant funding and how to build a strong foundation for an academic career that aligns with their values.

After years of mentoring and giving talks on various issues, Kemi realized that she had a lot to offer. When developing a signature talk, she realized that what she was talking about could become a learning program.

Kemi went down the route of trying to sell her offer through a complicated email funnel. Just before launching, however, she found Services That Sell and decided to change her approach. She flipped the funnel, re-packaging all her content to create a real service that would get real results for her clients.

Now, she’s completely booked up for the rest of the year.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Make a commitment – Upon signing up for Services That Sell, Kemi was committed to learning all the content of the course, regardless of how uncomfortable it would make her feel. If you sign up for a course or any kind of coaching program, you have to be committed. Be willing to answer some difficult questions.
  • Promise one resultKemi had trouble niching down. Even though her target audience was already small, the result she was promising was still vague. That’s when she started using results-focused language, making her promise of “Get that grant!” It was a very specific result and would force her to become committed to her clients. Promising a clear, tangible and measurable result takes true courage.
  • Willing to fail – Despite being terrified at times, Kemi has a willingness to try new things out, even if it could mean failure. This is the perfect attitude for growth, especially if you’re following a proven methodology. She learns from each and every action, whether it’s posting on social media, going live on Facebook or having sales calls.
  • If you truly want to help people, you will succeed – According to Kemi, the difference between someone that has success in Services That Sell vs someone that doesn’t is the desire and passion to go out there and serve. If you just want to make money, it’s much harder to be successful, because the courage and drive come from a deep desire to help people.
  • Learning to sell – If you believe that you’re doing something wrong by asking people to pay for your services, then you’ll never be successful at sales. Kemi could never see herself selling until she changed her conception of what selling was. Now, she defines sales as inspiring people to take action. Once you change your mindset, selling becomes something totally different from the sleazy, dishonest stereotypes a lot of us have.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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