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Powerfully poised in entrepreneurial activism and global empowerment, Meagan Ward is the incomparable impact leader, strategist and branding maven consistently positioning women for greatness in business and life.

Meagan has created an enterprising network of women as owner of  Creatively Flawless, a branding agency for women-owned businesses, FEMOLOGY, Detroit’s first female focused co-working space, and The Powerful Women, the acclaimed movement highlighting powerful women in Detroit which cultivates rich experiences for women to embrace, learn, bond and uplift through sisterhood. Meagan’s vocal advocacy for women integration and progress has led her to become an appointed speaker for the U.S. Embassy.

Meagan’s keen expertise as an industry trailblazer consistently propels women forward in successful business ownership through the transformation of passion into purpose.   

Tune in as Meagan takes us through her journey of building a multi-six figure empire on this episode of the Jereshia Said podcast!

Your expertise is going to make room for your purpose

– Meagan Ward

Here are some of the highlights of their conversation…

  • The story behind Creatively Flawless. How Meagan went from being a general service provider to a Branding Strategist
  • What is the one strategy that was a game changer for Meagan’s businesses
  • How Meagan networked her way to the top

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