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In this episode, Jereshia takes us back to the day she handed in her resignation and began her journey from becoming a Corporate dropout and stepping into Entrepreneurship full time.  Hear how she embraced the transition from a job she loved to the lifestyle she chose to fulfill her purpose. Listen in as Jereshia advocates building a bridge to your dream lifestyle.  

You’ll hear why Jereshia recommends asking yourself all the right questions and encourages dropping out of Corporate America for the right reasons.   Jereshia shares how she was intentional on building a solid foundation for a business that replaced, doubled and tripled her current income before leaving her engineering job.

Using the structure Jereshia laid out; your actions will command your result. Get ready to define happiness on your own terms, become a disruptor of the norm, break the barriers of fixed income and navigate through your options on this episode of Jereshia Said!

“We should be planning like we’re going to live forever, but living like we’re going to die today.”

– Jereshia Hawk

Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • Not everyone knows how to be their own boss, Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone
  • Take a Corporate dropout trip down memory lane with Jereshia
  • How to create a lifestyle that supports the freedom you want
  • Find out why Jereshia advocates building a bridge to your dream lifestyle
  • The questions you should be asking yourself to discover if Entrepreneurship is right for you

How do you create a lifestyle that supports and allows you to pursue getting the freedom you want?

  • Make sure that you understand what your happy is and how you define success for yourself.
  • Understand what parameters you need to adjust and make that happen.


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