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Do you find yourself spinning in a hamster wheel of business ideas or constantly filling up your notebooks with new lists of how to generate income?  

In this episode, Jereshia talks about the real reason you haven’t been able to get your business idea off the ground.  If you’ve ever struggled with how to go from idea to implementation, you won’t want to miss as Jereshia breaks down the process of turning your business idea into an actual business opportunity.  

Learn how to recognize a viable business opportunity from your list of ideas and get that idea off the ground so you can gain momentum in generating consistent revenue, after tuning in to this episode of Jereshia Said!

There is a huge difference between having a business idea and having a business opportunity. Jereshia Hawk

Here are some of the highlights of this episode…

  • Jereshia explains the difference between having a business idea and a business opportunity
  • Learn the number one reason why your business idea is not implemented
  • Find out how to tell if your idea has the potential of becoming a business opportunity
  • Jereshia breaks down the process of going from idea to implementation
  • How tech and business support manager, Ed, turned his idea into a business opportunity



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