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Courtney Johnston is the Founder of The Rule Breaker’s Club where she teaches women how to package and sell their brilliance.  Originally from Michigan she started her business in Paris and currently lives in Vancouver with her fiance Mohammed. She is pretty much the only person who can make writing sales pages fun.  Her work has been featured on, Fast Company, Creative Live and Huffington Post to name a few.

We all know that overcoming those profit plateaus during the rising stages of your business is a tough battle to conquer.  On this episode, you are in for a treat as Courtney takes us through each phase of her successful entrepreneurial journey, shares how she has overcome those profit plateaus and how you can too! Listen in to this episode of Jereshia Said!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • You’ll learn how Courtney evolved throughout each phase of her successful entrepreneurial journey
  • Courtney shares the most important requirement in order to master your craft, develop your own signature process and package your offer.  
  • Find out how Courtney narrowed down her niche and dominated her area of expertise
  • Hear how Courtney was able to systemize her clients and streamline her business to six figures
  • Discover what Courtney does to breakthrough profit plateaus and scale her business to the next level

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