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You see them.  The online influencers in your space just killing it in your industry.  You jump all the way in and start to mimic these millionaires; overwhelming yourself with content overload, using all the platforms, doing all the things, and stretching yourself way too thin.  

In this episode, Jereshia explains if you are implementing a strategy without knowing why you should be doing it, you need to pause.  Hear why it is critical for your business to respect the season you are in and find out all the questions you need to be asking yourself before trying to implement the strategies of someone in a position you want to be in.

Jereshia describes the importance of staying in your stage of business and sheds light on why you shouldn’t be scaling your business before you even have an offer to scale!  

Get ready to check yourself as Jereshia dishes the REAL behind the highlight REEL and Why you shouldn’t be copying million dollar companies on this episode of #JereshiaSAID!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Why you just can’t mimic what everyone else is doing
  • How to recognize and respect the season of business you are in
  • Recap of the leverage ladder that breaks down the 4 stages of business
  • Why you should give yourself a business comparing reality check
  • What to look for when hiring someone to help you scale your business


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