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Are you feeling uncomfortable as you transcend into the next level of your business?

You are not alone!

Join Jereshia in this moment of reflection through her identity crisis and hear how she handles this evolution of growth in her business with grace.  Jereshia spills the tea on how she faces self-sabotage and limiting beliefs through this unfamiliar territory. The conversation gets all the way real as Jereshia shares how she is growing through setting different boundaries for herself and learning how to hold others in her space accountable too.

As you grow and enter a new realm of how you operate in your personal, spiritual, business and financial decisions, you need to remember to always embrace it.  Learning to make different moves than you’re used to are to be expected and Jereshia explains that it is normal to look in the mirror and not recognize this new individual that you have evolved into.  

Jereshia helps you ask yourself the tough questions as she defines patience, acceptance and reminds us how to remain grounded in experiencing the fruits of our labor, embracing who we were meant to be and sheds light on the darkness of her fears in this episode of Jereshia Said!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • The importance of investing in masterminds and trusted individuals that support your growth
  • Quotes and inspiration that gave Jereshia permission, peace and calmness in her identity crisis/evolution
  • How to embrace the transitions of business evolution
  • The perspective you must be operating out of when transcending into the next level of business
  • Jereshia sheds light on the darkness of her fears


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