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Jereshia kicks off Season 2 of the JereshiaSAID Podcast with the eye-opening topic of, “God cannot bless who you pretend to be!” Often times we strive to fulfill the standards of our parents, our peers, society, etc. and we need to stop living our lives trying to be who we are not.

Listen in as Jereshia shares her journey from not having a voice, lacking the confidence to be her authentic self and trying to fit into the business world based off of what she saw around her to pivoting into finding a supportive community, gaining the confidence and giving herself the permission to explore life on her own terms.

You’ll hear the importance of self-discovery and having the mindset that you are enough.  She shares her balance between remaining humble and knowing that God has instilled everything she needs within her to carry out her purpose successfully.  The podcast gets all the way REAL when Jereshia shares the things she once prayed for and her experience of receiving it. Gain insight, be encouraged and find out who Jereshia claims has contributed to her success throughout the stages in her business on this episode of JereshiaSAID!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Hear how Jereshia hit her six-figure income goals in six months
  • Find out what Jereshia attributes her success to
  • Identify where your gaps are in your foundational support community
  • Get encouraged to start living life on your own terms and trust that you are capable to do so


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