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Our guest today is an absolute powerhouse and an expert every entrepreneur needs to have in their front pocket.  Kelly Ruta is a seasoned psychotherapist turned transformational mindset mentor and speaker for women answering the call to rise and lead.  She works with entrepreneurs all over the world, who have a common struggle of mastering the inner game.

Kelly’s BIG WHY is to positively impact thousands of women across the world by teaching them to become empowered leaders of purpose and mission-driven businesses and careers that change the world. When Kelly isn’t working, she is hanging with her husband and two sons, often on the baseball field but preferably somewhere with a good book and her toes in the sand.

If you’re struggling with pricing, second-guessing your rates or doubting that people would pay top dollar to work with you, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in as Kelly breaks down a very common myth surrounding charging your worth and find out what you should be doing instead, on this episode of Jereshia Said!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Break down a very common myth surrounding charging your worth
  • Find out why your worth and value are completely different and need to be separated in business
  • What you need to be taking care of so you can be providing services to the best of your ability
  • Why you are not 100% responsible for the results your clients get

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