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We are so excited to share our very first #ASKJereshia episode, where we invite listeners to submit a question or challenge they are facing and receive coaching directly from Jereshia!  

Today we have Allison Walls, a Business Strategist and Creative Director for emerging brands.

She started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2012 when her first business idea flopped.  But through her first run at entrepreneurship, she learned the web design and marketing skills needed to run her consulting business where she helps influencers design their e-commerce website and grow their social media audience.

Allison has run social media campaigns that resulted in 2 million FB followers, over 500K IG followers, 85K email subscribers and a community of brand loyal fans. While working her side-hustle, she was also the Consumer Insights Manager for Disney until 2016 when she stepped into entrepreneurship full-time.  

Allison now questions if her audience and the value she provides is the right match. Tune in as Jereshia helps Allison figure out how to communicate the value of her service and how to close the sale on this episode of ASKJereshia!

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Experience our very first episode of #ASKJereshia, where listeners like you receive coaching directly from Jereshia
  • Allison gets very transparent about her entrepreneurial journey
  • Jereshia guides Allison by asking all the right questions to help her simplify her service
  • Find out how to communicate the value of your service and close the sale


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