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Our guest today is a good friend and mastermind sister, Dr. Lindsay Padilla.  She is an ex-professor-turned-entrepreneur behind Build a Better Beta, an online program that helps influential experts release courses to their audiences quickly and easily, so they can focus on their teaching.

The Better Beta Framework was born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college and the ridiculous amount of learning she’s done in all things education. With this unique background, she is also the rambunctious host of the Academics Mean Business Podcast and Community, which shares the journeys of other academics who have made the leap into entrepreneurship.

On this episode, Dr. Padilla walks us through her struggles in entrepreneurship, the hardest month she faced in business, how she overcame Imposter Syndrome and how she reorganized everything in her business to better serve her zone of genius.

You’ll want to have a notebook and pen ready for this episode as Dr. Lindsay Padilla gives her insight on what it takes to be successful the entrepreneurial space!

Key Highlights of this episode: 

  • How you can take care of thousands of students through their course journey
  • Dr. Lindsay Padilla’s transition from education to entrepreneurship
  • The investments Lindsay made to get her to where she is today
  • How to create the impact you want around your service
  • How to show up as a teacher and not a marketer in the online space

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