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Our guest today is a star student from Jereshia’s signature program, Services That Sell.  Shelly Mills is a Real Estate Agent with over 17 years of experience as a Realtor in New Jersey, but couldn’t figure out how to break beyond that $2000/month mark consistently.  

When Shelly joined the program she was already offering a four-figure service but unable to achieve the consistency she desired.  Shelly claims Services That Sell gave her the injection of confidence she needed to use social media strategically to market herself.  After getting over her fear of going Live, she now feels like she can do anything! At the time of recording, she was scheduled to collect over $14k without even finishing the program!

Hear this heartwarming success story of how this New Jersey Realtor made just a few tweaks in positioning herself and was able to build the confidence she needed to accomplish her first $10k month on this episode of JereshiaSAID!

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This episode was brought to you by my premium program Services that Sell. If you’ve been thinking about niching down and creating a four-figure service that you can sell consistently. And if you have been searching for a simple way to sell your services without a complicated funnel, I encourage you to sign up for my FREE master class at I’ll make sure you know everything you need to gain the clarity you crave to confidently sell your services online.



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