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About a year and a half ago, the super dynamic and vibrant Ticora Davis was doing all the right things in her business but just couldn’t break that five figure a month mark.  She joined Jereshia’s mastermind program, niched down and was soon able to 10x her business revenue!

Ticora is an intellectual property attorney and business strategist, and the founder of both The Creator’s Law Firm, a disruptive virtual law firm that helps small business owners protect their smarts, and Revolutionary Creative, an enterprising online community of rebellious, creative entrepreneurs.

She is known in the industry and beyond for being legally savvy, quick-witted, and revolutionary in her approach to law, life, and leadership. Because of her innovative work, she has been featured on VH1, Facebook Community Boost, The Rising Tide Society, Black Enterprise and WeddingWire World. Ticora is on a mission to help women lawyers build disruptive law firms that refuse to pander to the partnership track and strategically scale to multiple six figures.

On this episode, you’ll learn the moves Ticora made and the decisions she stuck to that led her to 10x her business revenue and allowed her to breakthrough that six-figure mark!

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