Today my special guest is the inspirational Niccole Nelson. Despite working for the postal service for 23 years and raising three kids, she’s found the time and energy to make it happen for herself. Life was extremely tough growing up and Niccole is living proof that no matter how hard things have been in life, you truly deserve the best things that God has for you.

Despite working with a prior coach and being committed to her business, Niccole got tired of living in her comfort zone. That’s when she discovered and enrolled in Services That Sell.

Now, she’s flipped the funnel and gone from charging around $500, to as much as $2,700 for her service, a highly personalized gifting concierge business.

Niccole admits that she was afraid when climbing out of her comfort zone. Because it would require her voice. And she felt her voice never mattered before.

When it comes to Services That Sell, she’s a big fan of the Facebook group. While there are many social media groups out there, she has really felt like part of a community of positive people that are all here to support one another.

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Connect with Niccole:


Facebook & Instagram: @mercicadeaux

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Figuring out what you’re worth – The first shift in the right direction was Niccole’s mindset. She figured out that if she couldn’t put a price tag on her own value then how would she ever believe in the value of what she was offering?

  • Picking a price – Niccole has found her form in communicating the benefit of what she sells. What she provides is far more than just a gift. It’s about giving back time to her clients while finding something unique that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Focus on what counts – While working through Services That Sell, Niccole stopped focusing on things that weren’t getting results. She put an end to creating free content that got her nowhere. Now she focuses her time and energy on what really counts.

  • Invite them into the offer – Niccole has some excellent wisdom when it comes to sales. Rather than trying to sell out of the gates, she has a genuine conversation with prospective clients. While being her authentic self, customers are then invited into the offer.

  • Hype music – Niccole utilizes her ‘hype music’ to get into the zone. Why? Because when you’re about to engage with a client (or potential client), you could be changing their life with what you’re offering. Therefore, it’s important that you’re on top of your game.


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