Today my special guest is the incredible Quiana Darden, who was finally able to achieve the success she desired by switching up her approach.

While working in education, she tried her hand at starting several businesses, none of which really worked out. Despite this, she wanted to keep her dreams alive. After getting frustrated with the traditional sales funnel, she enrolled in the Services That Sell program.

 Now she successfully provides search engine optimized blog posts for service-based business owners and digital product creators, selling her specialized service for a premium price point.

Services That Sell was a great fit for Quiana. In her own words “it allows you to look at things in a different way… It pushes you to raise your price. It pushes you to niche down. It pushes you to do things differently to the way that everyone else says to do it”.

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Connect with Quiana:


Facebook & Instagram: @quianadarden

Key Highlights of this episode:

  • Niching down – Quiana enjoyed writing, but she decided to focus on only one part of writing, which was blogs. Then, she only went after clients that needed blog writing. Focusing on only one person and one problem was a real game-changer for her.

  • Getting her first 4-figure client – Quiana felt amazing after landing her first big client, who has a popular education blog. This is no coincidence since Quiana’s background is in education.  This is a great example of how to leverage your previous experience to win clients.

  • How to charge a premium price – To charge a premium price, Quiana had to start by shifting her mindset. Then, she had to establish a real business, with a website and social media presence that featured testimonials, reviews, and videos.

  • Becoming a corporate dropout – Quiana decided to set a definitive date to quit her day job and start working full-time on her business.  After working through Services that Sell and establishing her presence, her confidence levels were so high that she was able to achieve this goal 6 months early.

  • And now – Today, Quiana offers other services, but her core business is offering search engine optimized blogs. Focusing on one service has allowed her to streamline the business, target the right people and simplify everything… It’s also commendable that she’s able to charge $997 per month in an industry that sees countless writers pricing themselves for a mere few dollars.

  • More than just a writer – Facebook Live videos have not only helped her land high ticket clients but also helped her to develop confidence in speaking. It’s also led to her being given speaking engagements. Now do you see why I’m such a fan of Live videos?



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