Get ready, as things are about to get a little intense on today’s podcast.

But that’s because I’m so passionate about this topic. And, because I know you’re ready for it.

Recently I’ve been getting so many messages and comments asking me about the fear of “putting yourself out there.”

This needs to be addressed ASAP because many of you know what action you should be taking, yet it’s the fear that drives you to keep doing what you’re doing.

Let’s imagine you go fishing in a pond.

You know there are virtually no fish to catch in this pond, yet you keep coming to this pond every single day, rather than going to the ocean where you know there’s an abundance of fish.

The pond represents your comfort zone.

And instead of leaving it, you decide to change bait, or buy a new boat, or take a different route to the pond.

By staying in your comfort zone you’re sabotaging yourself.

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Key Highlights of this episode:

Whether you want to get more clients or charge a higher price for your services, you have to put yourself out there.

So, here are some of my key insights from today’s podcast that will help you achieve this and take your business to the next level:

  • Where does the fear come from? More often than not, it’s the fear of being judged that holds you back. Usually, the fear of backlash is often worse than any backlash itself.
  • That ONE next step – Deep down, I think you know what needs to be done. There’s always going to be that a ‘next step’ to take. Problem is, if you’re too scared to take it, you’ll never move forward.
  • What’s the worst that can happen? -When I feel the fear, the first thing I do is dissect it. Whenever you come up with a worst case scenario, make sure you come up with a positive.
  • Fear and decision making – The right decision isn’t always the easiest one. Just bear in mind, that if you do stay in your comfort zone, then you’re already making a decision
  • How to deal with naysayers – Want to know how I deal with naysayers? I block them! It’s as simple as that. Never be afraid to ‘upgrade’ your circle of friends to surround yourself with more positive people. Come and get involved in my Facebook community and you’ll find plenty of support and absolutely zero naysayers.
  • How to work out my return on investment – You have to work out what a return on investment looks like to you. The most important investment is your time. Use it wisely!
  • The only judgment that counts – I truly believe that God gives us a talent or gift, and our business is our way to deliver those gifts. Remember that God gave you free will for a reason and end of the day, there’s only one judgment that counts!

I think you’re ready to get yourself out there.

You can be so much more than your current set of circumstances.

It’s time to leave the pond behind and head to the ocean, where you can build the business of your dreams!



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