What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

In today’s podcast, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes update on what’s been happening at Hawk Hustle Headquarters, while talking about the 4 P’s of entrepreneurship: Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, and Profit.

2018 was a tough year.

Before, I was all about the hustle.

However,  I’d gotten to a point where I needed to refocus my attention.

I had to pivot and refine my approach. Because there stages that you go through as your business evolves.

In fact, let me introduce the fifth P, which is: Pivot.

You need to be self-aware and know when it’s time to switch things up and pivot from what you’ve been doing.

I’d been hustling hard and trying to test various offers.

Eventually, I found my ideal client niche and narrowed down the problem I was solving.

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Key Highlights of this episode:


  • How long will it take? – Once you know the problem you’re solving and what your signature service is, you need to have a bit of patience. Don’t expect things to just work out overnight. Maybe there are some gaps in your knowledge and you need to join a mastermind group or hire a coach that will help you move things forward.
  • You’ve gotta actually do the work – It’s one thing to hire a coach, a virtual assistant, or a consultant. But, you can’t expect them to just do all the work for you. A coach can give you a solution, but you have to apply it. Likewise, an employee or assistant can show up to work, but you have to be able to communicate what you want and motivate them to do it. If, above anything else, you’re looking for mentoring and guidance then be prepared to pay for access.
  • The most important P for any business – Are you making a profit? If not, then your business isn’t sustainable. It’s that simple. While it may seem logical to give away free content to try and build a following, it doesn’t count for anything if you’re not selling.
  • Keep going – I’ve just started to move into using paid advertising and I’ll be honest with you… It’s taking longer than expected to get results. Does this mean I should just give up?… No way! In order to accomplish anything, you need persistence and perseverance. My ad campaign is accumulating data, and this will allow us to continue testing and refining until we reach our desired outcome.

  • What is proof of concept? – Proof of concept is when you can actually go out there and sell to someone. Can you sell to a family member or a friend who needs your solution and knows you well? If not, then how can you expect to sell to a cold audience that doesn’t know you?


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