For today’s episode, I decided to bring in an amazingly dynamic and shiny human being… And a beast when it comes to sales!


After attending one of her Shiny Bitches (yes, you read that right!) events, I was blown away by Erin Lindstrom and became an instant fan. In case you’re wondering, Shiny Bitches is a group of high-vibe entrepreneurial women who know what their passion is and are actively putting in the work to make themselves successful.


Today, she’s expressing her wisdom and teaching you how to heal your biggest money blocks.


According to Erin, if you want to get the results you desire then there is a lot of “invisible” internal healing that needs to be done. While there are external strategies that need to be implemented to succeed in business, you first have to look on the inside and ask yourself “what needs to be healed?” And then, you have to actually do the work to heal what’s needed. Everything on the outside will then change for the better.


Is there something that you believe about the world that isn’t necessarily true and needs to be shifted?


After working with so many women, Erin has observed that when it comes to money, one of the first things to keep coming up is the issue surrounding safety. Why? Because, when we were kids, we really needed to be kept safe. And, any traumas we experienced during childhood were carried through into adulthood and now sit on top of our relationship with money. In adulthood, money is what brings us safety. Therefore, if you want to have more money, you have to heal your trauma.


Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Are you connecting with negativity? – It’s very easy to connect with people around negative issues and complain together. Erin advises that you try to become aware of this negativity and start to shift your mind towards a more positive outlook as you start connecting with people over positive issues instead.
  • Start with your why – When it comes to mindset, always start with your “why?” Identify your bigger purpose in life (which comes from your being).
  • Who is helping you? – To be successful, it takes more than hard work and a bit of organization. All high achievers have had help along the way. According to Erin, being able to receive help is usually one of the biggest blocks that people suffer from. She suggests, however, that the act of receiving help is a skill that can be learned and developed.
  • How to show up – When you take a sales call, by being quiet and listening to the other person tell their story, you’re allowing them the opportunity to heal. Once you’ve listened, you can then figure out how and if you can help them. After telling them how you can help, always respect their decision-making process.
  • Play with possibility Erin is a big advocate of journaling. However, she goes a bit further than most, recommending that you continually ask yourself “what do I want?” while playing about with all possibilities. For example, you could try writing the date of five years from now while you write down how your life would look if you got everything you wanted.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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