Today’s extra special guest is Pauleanna Reid. She’s an author, public speaker, mentor, and an entrepreneur who’s built two successful businesses that revolve around her signature services and passions.

At age 21, she established her first company, working as a celebrity fashion stylist. Feeling like it wasn’t quite what she wanted to do, Pauleanna decided to focus on writing, something that she’d always been passionate about. Not content with “reaching for scraps,” she moved on from being a freelance journalist and decided to aim higher. This resulted in WritersBlok, a content creation company that provides ghost-writing services.

Pauleanna’s second business came about because she had received a lot of help in her life from women who were willing to take a chance and believe in her. From forging deep and constructive relationships with these women, she felt the need to pay it forward. After receiving so many requests for help and giving advice for free, she decided to add a structure to the “service” she was already providing. Since establishing her mentorship company, New Girl On The Block, she now has over 200 female mentees spanning across 9 different countries.

New Girl On The Block doesn’t just allow anyone through the doors, however. Pauleanna has a thorough assessment process and looks for mentees that are eager to learn and are already putting in the work. In her eyes, a mentor is just the “icing on the cake” who will help lead you to the answers that you seek.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Hire smart and hire fast Pauleanna invested in her team very early on, hiring great people to run The WritersBlok while leveraging her time and energy to growing the organization. She’s had great success in keeping a low turnover when it comes to her team. She attributes this to ensuring that the work each contractor does aligns with their own personal goals and bigger visions.
  • What are you willing to sacrifice? – Even though Pauleanna has grown her business quickly, she’s had to sacrifice a lot. Whether it’s losing sleep or postponing a personal life, she doesn’t really mind at all. For her, it’s a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.
  • As long as you’re a resource, you’ll always get paid – Always look for opportunities and leverage the information and contacts around you. People will always welcome the chance to work with you provided you help them with a problem. When approaching potential clients, never be intimidated by their titles or status. Just go for it!
  • Never giving up Pauleanna is an incredibly persistent person. If she knows she can provide value to a potential client she’ll keep going until she wins them over. She also appreciates that if you expect a client to pay five figures, it’s going to take a little time to develop a relationship.
  • Are you excellent at what you do? – Not enough people take the time to be remarkable where they’re at before they level up. Pauleanna isn’t interested in doing a lot of different things without truly excelling at any of them. Instead, she’s incredibly active in being excellent at the things she already does.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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