My guest today is Danielle Tucker who is living an extraordinary life, traveling the world while running a successful niche web design business.

Even though she’s been doing web design for well over a decade she entered the online space four years ago when she and her husband decided to quit their jobs, sell all their possessions, and book a one-way ticket to South Africa. Embarking on a nomadic adventure, she became incredibly motivated to start an online business while learning how to service the needs of clients while traveling abroad.

Before successfully landing big clients via the lean launch method, Danielle spent a lot of time and effort niching down. After enrolling in Services That Sell, she was able to get crystal clear on her ideal type of client and what it would take for her to stand out and portray the value she could provide them with.

She’s worked hard to niche all the way down to help speakers through her web design. Applying the lean launch method, she is able to convey the value she can provide, helping her customers to book more speaking engagements and get their message across to their audience.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Invest big for big transformations – Leading up to her enrolment in Services That Sell, Danielle invested in a handful of coaches, consultants, and strategists. She came to realize that the bigger the price tag of an investment, the greater the level of transformation she could expect. 
  • Market to your ideal client – While this sounds simple, so many business owners try to market to everybody. Instead, try to get in the head of your ideal client. Get down to the finest details. Do your research and you’ll be able to figure out exactly what they need from you.
  • What feels fun vs what’s really needed – When building your business not everything is going to be 100% enjoyable. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what’s fun and forget about what actually needs doing. This is when a bit of discipline is needed as you have to push through any resistance and focus your efforts on what’s needed to make the greatest impact on your business.
  • The lean launchDanielle has been able to land a bunch of five-figure clients from utilizing the lean launch sales method. This simple, two-step approach involves putting out live videos and converting clients over the phone. Danielle has had to overcome a lot of nerves, but by planning for success, she’s pushed through all her anxieties and is now converting clients consistently.
  • Knowing your figures – Are you intentionally doing the actions that will get you the results you desire? Danielle found herself becoming very intrigued by how certain people can work less yet earn more money than others. Knowing your figures will allow you to reverse engineer what you need to focus on in order to earn a specific income.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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