My special guest on today’s episode is Mariah Coz, who is incredibly effective at running her company that helps people create their own courses.

She’s built her business organically, after releasing her first digital course “How to live in a camper” while traveling around the country and doing in-person workshops.

After early success in teaching people about sustainability with campers, she found herself regularly getting asked for business advice, which led her to help numerous people create courses. In response to demand, she subsequently created her own business, specializing in course creation in 2015.

Being an introvert, Mariah decided to focus a lot of effort on writing killer blog posts during the early days. However, it’s through holding webinars that she’s really been able to make her mark and generate sales for her business.

Her biggest program now is her “accelerator” program that forms a services-hybrid coaching program to help people go from one-on-one to a group coaching program. Mariah shows that if you have real confidence in what your offer delivers and you’re incredibly excited to help people with what you have to offer, then even the most introverted person can be super-successful in selling through webinars, or an equivalent sales method.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Respond to what they’re asking for Mariah has been very effective in listening to what her audience wants. Instead of guessing, she created and released specific products that people were actually asking for. Of course, this made the selling process much easier.
  • Results-based pricing – While Mariah felt uncomfortable and had a hard time pushing up prices, she began to realize that the results her clients were getting far outweighed the price she was charging. By eventually deciding to raise her prices, she began to attract more customers that were extremely committed.
  • Find people that are better than you – When it comes to scaling her business, Mariah has been successful in finding the right people and training them extensively. She’s transferred all of her knowledge to her employed coaches so that they can coach the clients at least as effectively as she could.
  • Long term Mariah is willing to spend big money when it comes time to invest but she’s realistic about ROIs. In the modern world, we’ve created an expectation of instant returns. In business, however, it doesn’t usually work that way. If she’s making a big investment, she’s well aware that she may have to wait several years in order to get the big payoff she desires.
  • Paying for access – Whether it’s joining a mastermind group or attending a live event, it’s important to recognize that you may have to pay for access to be around people who are on a path of excellence and are going to help you get a better sense of what’s possible.

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