My special guest today is Prerna Malik who is one of the best copywriters in the game and currently runs Content Bistro, along with her husband.

Prerna quit her job in communication skills and training when she got pregnant, although she maintained a blog as a side project.

A couple of years later, however, her husband became severely ill and had to quit his full-time management job. In order to sustain the mere cost of living and pay the bills the couple needed to think fast and find a solution.

They explored the idea of providing blogging and social media management services to small businesses. Through hard work and dedication, things were going well. It was when Prerna decided to niche down and go from a general blog writer to focusing on being a conversion copywriter that things really started to pick up. 

She’s since become a master in the copywriting world. So much so that she has a long line of businesses wanting to pay her five figures for her services.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Solid work ethic – You can have all the tools in the world but without a solid work ethic, you can’t expect success. Even though Prerna lives in India and English is her second language, she is able to write world-class copy for the English speaking world. There’s no substitute for work ethic when it comes to overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals.
  • The personal touch Prerna would work tirelessly to identify potential clients by looking for businesses that would be a good fit and didn’t have a solid blog or social media presence. By writing out each prospective email separately, the personal touch went a long way to winning over clients.
  • Packaging your service – Selling a standalone service doesn’t allow you to charge anywhere near as much as selling a package of services. When Prerna started to package her services, her sales shot up dramatically. Her clients were far more excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of purchasing a “package”. 
  • Don’t be Beyoncé on day 1 – In the early days, while you don’t have to scrape the barrel, it’s also not wise to charge super high prices until you can justify the value that you’re providing. Prerna can now charge $13,000 for a service she provides, but that’s because she’s backed up with years of experience, technical ability, and countless case studies.
  • Repeats and referrals – Nothing confirms your credibility like getting repeat purchases and referrals from existing clients. In fact, the majority of Prerna’s revenue is made up from repeat business, where she gets to know her clients better each time and can, therefore, provide an even higher level of personalized service.

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