You are excited to be part of a fast paced online education company that is creating waves in the digital marketing industry. You are a highly motivated, A-player who is as passionate about personal growth as we are. And you are eager to have a direct impact on helping others become the best versions of themselves.  

Who We are

Often times, the way in which we decide to contribute to society and how we choose to make money for survival is heavily influenced by what possibilities or definitions of attainable reality we were exposed too. Traditional career paths are being reimagined and redefined as experts are turning the skills they have acquired into online educational coaching businesses. 

We used to go to work to “make a living”. Now we go to work to “make meaning”. We are here to equip women to not just have a seat at the table, but to have a voice once they get there.

According to studies, the average small business owner earns about $44,000 per year. The average woman owned small business earns roughly half of that, around $22,000 per year. When you look at the black woman owned business statistics, their annual revenue is even less than that. My company is dedicated to positively moving the needle on those statistics. We aim to be a cure for entrepreneurial poverty that is rapid for women and women of color business owners by coaching them on how to raise their rates, articulate their value and enroll premium, high-ticket clients consistently using simple, streamlined strategies.

Being great at what you do is the cost of entry. Being able to profit from what you know is where we step in. Delivering industry leading curriculum in the form of coaching programs and online-based communities is how we help our clients sustainably go from $2k to $200k, ensuring they have a solid business foundation to scale beyond the $1M mark.   

WHat we believe in

Deliver “WOW” Through Service

To WOW, we differentiate ourselves, which means doing something a little unconventional and innovative. We do things that goes beyond the expected. And whatever we do must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We are not an average company, our service is not average, and we don’t want our people to be average. We expect every employee to deliver WOW. 

Data Driven Decisions 

We are committed to helping clients identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms. We think strategically, and can articulate what we are, and are not, trying to do. We present problem statements instead of complaints, focusing on facts, underlying factors and causes. We are good at using data to inform our intuition and offer our insight on next steps forward. We deliver proven processes, that have been tested and refined to ensure consistent and repeatable results for our clients. 

What We Do, We Do Well

We focus on simple strategies that work. We believe that it’s best to do a few things really, really well rather than taking on a lot of things and half-assing efforts. We operate with sniper like focus, prioritizing based on the clients best interests. 

Own The Outcome

Having good intentions is not good enough. Our team believes that we have control over most situations and outcomes despite our circumstances. Once a commitment has been made, we believe each team member must be resourceful to make the outcome a reality. We do not hide. We make necessary course corrections to remain on track.

Be Courageous

We are committed to fostering a team environment where it is expected that you say what you think, when it’s in the best interest of the company, even if its uncomfortable. We are critical of the status quo. We rise to the challenges presented. We question actions inconsistent with our values. 


Client Success Assistant | Remote – Part Time Employee Position 

Marketing Coordinator | Remote – Part Time Employee Position 

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