This episode features the powerful Tasha Booth, someone in the online space that I’ve been admiring for a while.

Tasha is the founder and CEO of The Launch Guild, a course launch support and digital marketing implementation agency, supporting established coaches and course creators with course and podcast launches, operating and systems management, and content management and repurposing. She’s also the host of the How She Did That podcast.

In this episode, Tasha gives a behind-the-scenes look at how she went from being an overworked VA to successfully leveraged her business into a multi-six-figure agency with over 20 members.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • What is your “why”? – As an overworked virtual assistant, Tasha began asking herself “What is it that I want to do? What is it that I love doing? What is it that I’m really good at?” These deep questions started the process of figuring out what her signature service was.
  • Are you maxed out? – When Tasha was maxed out with 25 clients as a solopreneur, she had to change her business model. Since she enjoyed collaborating with others she decided to evolve her business into an agency. She is living proof that you can hustle yourself to six figures. But, this is usually the point when you need to pivot.
  • From “I” to “we” – When Tasha pivoted to an agency model, she needed to learn to let go of trying to do everything herself and train others to do parts of her job. This shift allowed her to focus on being a CEO.
  • Strategic focus – Tasha and her team carry out an annual plan to decide what the following year will look like. This ensures rash decisions aren’t made and she can take the time to ensure necessary infrastructure and processes are in place before anything new is introduced.
  • Overcoming mindset barriers – One of the biggest limiting beliefs that Tasha has faced is “no one will pay that.” She overcomes her doubts by finding other people who have “already done it.” This lets her know what is possible.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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Check out this episode!

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