Is it time for you to pivot?

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or service-based business owner, you need to be pivoting in order to protect your revenue.

It’s time for a Hawk-Hustle table talk and we’re going to discuss some very important issues.

Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Even though most people have a lot less money in their pockets than before, this doesn’t mean everyone is broke. You just need to understand what changes you need to make in your business.

In this episode, I’m going to be raw and honest with you. We’re going to talk about what really matters. Even though you may not like everything you’re going to hear, it comes from a place of love and wanting you to get rich as you thrive in business and life.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Update your message – Whatever marketing and messaging you were using a few weeks ago it’s probably not going to be relevant in today’s market climate. The coronavirus has changed the game and clients’ pain points are more visible right now than they have ever been before.
  • Pivoting your promise – Does your promise meet the necessity of potential clients? Right now, people and businesses don’t have resources to spend on luxuries and niceties. They need their basic needs to be fulfilled. Your promise, therefore, needs to align with the basic necessities of clients. 
  • Don’t project your limiting money beliefs onto clients – You have to recognize your limiting beliefs and understand that while people have less money in their pockets than before, they’re not completely broke. Aligning with what people need and confidently offering them a specific and tangible solution will ensure you’re as profitable as ever.
  • Keep selling – For a transformation to take place there must first be a transaction. Don’t give away your solution for free and don’t give discounts.  People are still paying and in order to pay your bills, you have to keep selling and serving clients.
  • How big before you pivot? – If you’re only making $20k – $40k a year then you need to continue making sales at a premium rate and doing excellent 1:1 client work. When you’re well beyond this threshold and operating at full capacity you need to consider pivoting your business model and leveraging beyond 1:1.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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Check out this episode!

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