Are there any house rules, terms and conditions as an affiliate partner?

Yes! When you signed on to be an Affiliate Partner you agreed to our terms and conditions and our House Rules.

Be sure to read them thoroughly.

What is the commission for a sale?

As an Affiliate Partner you’ll receive $799 U.S. dollars for every sale that you refer.

You will not be paid a commission on sales or orders that are in delinquent status, or sales that refund.

How do you track my sales?

We track your custom link through a third party affiliate tracking technology that’s integrated with our opt-in forms and shopping cart. Our team keeps a close eye on all sales to ensure you’re properly credited. If you have an interested customer, make sure they click on your link immediately before purchasing, and it WILL be credited properly.

Realize that people on your list might also be clicking on links from other Affiliate Partners, whether they realize it or not.

User error happens all the time and in order to maintain the integrity of our business and program, we go strictly by the tracking system we use.

Note that we reserve the right to make changes to a referrer when a customer writes in requesting such a change.

What does “last click” mean?

“Last click” means that the tracking link a customer clicked on LAST (and that drove them to purchase Services That Sell) will get credit for the sale.

Here’s an example:

Sarah promotes the Services That Sell launch emails to her list on Monday. People click through and sign-up to hear more about Services That Sell.

Some people that clicked through on Sarah’s email promotion are also on another internet guru’s list, Jennifer.

On Tuesday, Jennifer also sends out an email to her list and they click through and they purchase. They first landed on the Services That Sell site via Sarah, but they bought via Jennifer well-crafted, influencing email.

Jennifer will get credit for the sale because her link was the last once clicked when the person purchased.

This is the standard method for Affiliate Partner promotions in our industry.

NOTE: Jereshia’s emails are not tracked in our system so last click does not pertain to the emails that we send out. If you bring in a lead and then they purchase from an email that Jereshia sends out, you’ll be listed as the Affiliate Partner on that sale (as long as they use the same email address to purchase that they used to opt in and that your link was their last click).

May I offer a bonus or cash incentive to those that purchase using my link?

You may offer a bonus such as access to a program of yours, coaching sessions, or a gift such as a book. The bonus you offer may not exceed $1997.

However, you may not offer cash bonuses, discounts or a cash donation made in the name of the Services That Sell customer who purchased using your link.

Note: If you’re offering a bonus, be sure to clearly state how and when the customer will receive your bonus on your promotional pages, posts or newsletter. Please do not change your bonus after promoting it.

If I offer a bonus, when should I deliver it?

As an Affiliate Partner we ask that you reach out to your sales list as soon as possible after the cart has closed to welcome them, thank them for joining via your Affiliate Partner link, and to let them know when they’ll receive your bonus.

We suggest that you deliver your bonus once the refund period is over or after all payments have been received for those on a payment plan. Again, be sure to clearly state how and when potential sales will get their bonus in your promotions during the launch.

When does the refund period end?

We pay our affiliates the first week of each month but only if 61 days have passed post-purchase. This gives us some leeway time in case a customer refunds their purchase. I.E. If someone uses their affiliate link to purchase mid-April, you’ll be paid for that sale mid-July.

When can I expect to be paid?

We pay our affiliates the first week of each month but only if 61 days have passed post-purchase. This gives us some leeway time in case a customer refunds their purchase. I.E. If someone uses their affiliate link to purchase mid-April, you’ll be paid for that sale beginning of July.

How will I be paid?

We payout our affiliates through PayPal so make sure your PayPal email address is listed in your affiliate portal here.

May I run paid advertisements?

You may run ads, however, please submit the creative and strategy in advance for approval.

You can use the terms “Jereshia Hawk” & “Services That Sell” in your advertisements however, you must submit the creative and copy for approval before running any ads that contain these terms.

Do I have to disclose that I’m an affiliate partner when I promote?

Yes, absolutely. It’s important for you to follow all FTC rules. This is a fancy way of saying be transparent and let your people know that you’re an Affiliate Partner and will earn a commission if they purchase using your link.

Somewhere near the top of your blog posts or emails, let your audience know that you’re an Affiliate Partner. Use the copy below to inspire your own form of disclosure – just be sure to do it!

“I fully believe in the power of this framework given my personal experience with the Services That Sell program and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.”

How can I see who has purchased using my link and reach out to them?

You can see your sales in the Affiliate Portal under the Commissions tab once sales come in. If you would like a csv download of your sales please email us at and we can help you with that.

What if someone says they bought using my link but I don’t see them on my list?

There are a few reasons why your link may not track a sale.

The registration link works off of cookies. There’s no “opt in” so unless the person has cookies enabled on their browser, it won’t capture that sale. We understand this happens so we will change the Affiliate Partner listed on a sale if the student requests it.

There are also a lot of links out there so they may use a different Affiliate Partner’s link, or have opted in using a different link, without knowing it.

Some people also opt in via one email but purchase via another, and end up getting tracked to the second Affiliate Partner they purchased through.

If you have anyone that says they used your link but aren’t showing up on your sales list you can send them to

What happens if one of my sales goes into delinquent status? Will I receive that commission?

Once a student is delinquent, we have a collections team that is in contact with them to help get them current on any late payments. You’ll receive your commission for any payments that come current before our commission payout period ends. You will not receive a commission for any payments that are cancelled, refunded, or in delinquent status.

Do I need to fill out any tax information?

As an Affiliate Partner you will need to fill out a W9 (for US Affiliate Partners) or a W8BEN (for international Affiliate Partners) if you receive a commission from us. After the promotion period, all Affiliate Partners with sales will receive instructions on how to fill out these forms.