Services that sell affiliate partner house rules

Effective Date: May 15, 2019

As an Affiliate Partner, you agree to our Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions and are on board with the items listed in our FAQ section.

To further support you in having the best experience possible, please read through our House Rules below. We take our business, your business, and our customers’ happiness seriously.

That’s why we want you to fully understand how we work, why we run things the way we do, and how to participate so you get the maximum results.

If you have any further questions, please write

partners [at] jereshiahawk [dot] com. We’re here to help.

  1. Please Do Not Ask Us To Change Credits For A Sale

This is super important for you to understand and agree to before we start selling. As stated in our FAQ, we run on the industry-standard “last click cookie” system.

This is our tenth year running this program and we’ve happily paid out millions of dollars in commissions to our Affiliate Partners.

During the launch, we have an experienced tech team monitoring our systems to ensure everything is working properly.

As an Affiliate Partner of Services That Sell, you’re agreeing not to ask us to change credits if you think someone meant to sign up under your link and they ended up signing up under someone else’s instead.


  1. If The Customer Requests A Change, We Reserve The Right To Adjust A Credit

If a customer unknowingly makes an error and requests to be assigned to another Affiliate Partner, we reserve the right to make changes to a referrer when the customer writes in requesting such a change.

We will make changes only when the customer emails us requesting the change. We won’t make changes to a referrer otherwise.

  1. Advertising Guidelines

You may run ads, however, please submit the creative and strategy in advance for approval.

Promo Art

You’ll have access to promotional artwork in the “How to Promote” section to be used in social media, your newsletter, on your site, or in paid ads following the guidelines above.

Use of Jereshia Hawk’s image

You may not use Jereshia’s image or likeness in any paid advertising unless it has been pre-approved by us. Email us at partners [at] jereshiahawk [dot] com to get approval any time during the launch.

If you’d like to use Jereshia’s image on your webinar, bonus or review pages, please email us with your plan and copy. You can find approved headshots in the “How to Promote” section.

If you have other creative advertising ideas, other channels you’d like to pursue for paid advertising, or if you’re unsure if something is permitted or not, please contact us at partners [at] jereshiahawk [dot] com. We’d love to work with you!


  1. Bonus Guidelines

If you plan to offer a bonus, please note:

Your bonus cannot be valued over $1997. The reason why is that over the years, we’ve watched the behavior of customers evolve, and we’ve also listened very closely to feedback from our customers, Affiliate Partners, and general audiences. Having a cap on the value of bonuses helps keep the focus where it should be: the intrinsic value of the Services That Sell experience.

It also helps to keep the energetic vibe around Services That Sell and you —our beloved Affiliate Partners — classy and calm.

Human brains can get triggered into unhealthy feelings of fear, greed, and scarcity when an important decision has to be made and large amounts of “perceived value” are involved. It’s vital that together we take a stand against that energy. Our collective goal is to encourage prospective students to make intelligent, conscious, heart-based decisions.

You may not offer cash bonuses, discounts, or a cash donation made in the name of the Services That Sell customer who purchased using your Affiliate Partner link.

The best bonuses are those that offer genuine, caring supplemental support and/or useful and relevant tools for your Services That Sell students.

Important! Don’t change your bonus once the launch is over. Students have used your Affiliate Partner link based on your offering.

Timing for delivering your bonus: If you have people on a payment plan, we suggest dripping out your bonus as they make their payments. We’ve found this helps people stay current on their payments.


  1. Follow FTC Rules

This is extremely important. Per FTC Rules and to keep the integrity of the launch to the highest level, you must disclose, in all of your e-mails and online and social media promotions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blog posts), that you are an Affiliate Partner and may receive a commission for any sales that you refer.

Here’s some copy to inspire your disclosures: “I fully believe in the power of this framework given my personal experience with the Services That Sell program and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.”