Jasmine Grant

Jasmine Grant always contained the entrepreneurial spirit but she was tired of learning along the way and always seeming to play catch-up, working harder and not smarter.

She had began to package her offers and earned $1,900 in her first year of business with no email list and a small Facebook following.


Jasmine had enrolled in other branding courses and content writing programs but she still had not yet figured out how to sell her services consistently. 


Everyone around her would rave about how intelligent and worthy she was and spoke to the possibilities of turning her skill sets into a service she could sell. Her social networks were full of positive examples of entrepreneurs who had made it, yet she was stuck in place and couldn’t figure out how to get things to really take off. She wanted to be as clear and organized about the path she would need to take to bring her business to life as she was about the actually success she knew she could obtain. 

Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge but was tired of trying to piece it all together on her own. 

That’s when she discovered Services That Sell when it was recommended by a trusted friend. 

When Web Design and App Developer Jasmine Grant joined Services That Sell her goal was to earn a full return on her investment, she wanted to overcome her fear of succeeding, and she craved to have a clear, simple action plan to help her overcome her anxiety around growing her business.


“I know a lot, but I didn’t know to get people to notice what I knew, and how dope I am.”


Before completing the Services That Sell program, Jasmine had repackaged and simplified her offers into a signature service. She tripled her rates and earned over $5,000.

She was craving clarity and confidence to sell her services consistently and she succeed. The proven method in Services That Sell helps you get crystal clear on the exact problem you serve, who you solve the problem for and the process you use to help your clients solve it.

Once enrolled in the program, Jasmine knew she was ready to commit to doing work that did more than just help “move the needle” she was serious about making the time and doing the work that would make income and impact.

The Services That Sell time released, step-by-step system was created to ensure that you experience and work through each part of the process that is necessary for your success. This isn’t your typical online program where you receive all of the modules at once. All of the information is presented in a way that allows you the time you need to comprehend and demonstrate what you’ve learned. In fact, Jasmine credits a major part of her success to this. “This helped me develop the patience that I needed in business.” 

Now that people are not only noticing her but making the investment in her services, Jasmine has found a sense of security that she at one time only imagined. No longer does she diminish herself by charging less than she’s valued and the stress of making money just to pay the bills is a thing of the past.

“I followed the process. I got the results. I’m relieved that I finally have security.”


Isn’t it time for your business to be seen and heard? Join Services That Sell and create the irresistible offer your business deserves.


I promise it will be the most insightful 90 minutes you have spent working on your business.


Our clients go beyond the expected and have extraordinary results to show for it. Take a look to see what's possible.

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