Nicole Durr

Nicole Durr was ready to stop waiting for permission to go all in and show up in her business.

After embarking on a once in a lifetime spiritual journey Nicole Durr knew that she had encountered self-care, mindfulness, and spirituality in a way that had to be shared with other women.

However, as we all know, life happens and once returning from her life changing experience, she returned to the hectic pace of everyday life as a school teacher. She soon found herself feeling exhausted, stressed and physically ill from all the busy work and that’s when she decided to get back to her center and focus on balancing for her more fulfilled life.

Practicing aromatherapy and using crystals were essential in Nicole’s journey which made her quickly realize that she could help others experience the mind and body wellness they desired to live more complete, balanced lives. With that in mind, she started her self care coaching business.


“I wanted my clients to glow from the inside out and experience contagious joy.”


But, in order to deliver that experience, she knew that she had to make a shift and begin offering a service that would guide her clients through the process of becoming mindful and experience that peace and inner joy she had captured so many years ago. She was feeling frustrated and exhausted because she lacked a clear strategy to grow her business. 

That’s why Services That Sell was perfect.

In Services That Sell you learn how to fully embrace the work that you do and become so laser-focused on creating for the people you were meant to serve that they easily seek you out and are excited about what you offer.

Now that she’s become clear in her messaging and easily articulates the value of her offer, she’s learning how to manage any resistance to her pricing and embracing the fact that she can charge for the value she is providing.

While it’s important to make the money that you deserve it’s equally important to serve your clients and help them see a true transformation from the services you offer.

That’s what most appealed to Nicole. She had to be sure that anything she created would always meet the needs of her clients. Since completing the program not only has she developed a service that is yielding results, she is converting 70% on her sales calls and is also on track to make a full return on her investment for the Services that Sell program. 

Are you ready to serve with your service? Join Services That Sell today.


I promise it will be the most insightful 90 minutes you have spent working on your business.


Our clients go beyond the expected and have extraordinary results to show for it. Take a look to see what's possible.

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