Shelly Mills

After 18 successful years working as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Shelly Mills knew it was time to elevate, push past her fears and finally establish an online presence to grow her business. Not only did she need a system that worked but she needed support and dedicated leadership to guide her through the process.

Specializing in working with retirees, and homeowners looking to sell their homes while transitioning into the empty nest stage of life, Shelly serves a very specific market and needed to become more visible to capture attention and gain new clientele.

“I needed a bit of hand-holding and encouragement to step out of my comfort zone.”

She found all of that and more in Services that Sell.

What makes Services That Sell unique is that it’s designed to help business owners at various stages in the entrepreneurial journey. No matter if you’ve been in business for one year or ten, Services That Sell helps you focus on identifying that one service you want to be known for and using that to create consistent income while attracting quality clients in the online space.

Since completing the course, Shelly experienced her first $14,000 month in profits and gained new leads by harnessing the power of Facebook Live videos.

“If you’re not doing video, you’re not going to be noticed.”


She credits the supportive Services That Sell community for helping her find new, innovate ways to serve her audience and attract new clients. Now that she’s clear in her messaging, her referral network is growing and she’s actively implementing everything she’s learned.

Are you ready to rewrite your business story, step out of your comfort zone and begin attracting the quality clients you deserve? Join Services That Sell.


I promise it will be the most insightful 90 minutes you have spent working on your business.


Our clients go beyond the expected and have extraordinary results to show for it. Take a look to see what's possible.

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