You are excited to be part of a fast paced online education company that is creating waves in the digital marketing industry. You are a highly motivated, A-player who is as passionate about personal growth as we are. And you are eager to have a direct impact on helping others become the best versions of themselves. 

Team Hawk exists to help entrepreneurs package their skills, raise their rates and sell their services consistently. We are growing quickly and looking for a hawkeye to join the team.


Client Success Coach – Part-Time Position Available Now

We aim to help experts articulate their value, raise their rates and launch high touch point, group coaching programs so they increase their impact while increasing their income along the way.

Position Overview:

The Client Success Coach is a part time role (independent contractor position to start) who is responsible for the client journey as it relates to managing, coaching and retaining existing clients. If you genuinely care, love to teach, provide brag-worthy client service, and are acutely organized, then this position is for you!

This position has three primary functions:

  • Ensure clients are launching their coaching programs in the first 90 days of enrolling.
  • Contribute to our client retention being stellar.
  • Turn clients into raving fans and referring others to us on a consistent basis.

The primary goals of this position are to:

  • Provide a high-touch coaching experience for clients in our high ticket programs by becoming an expert in our strategies, attending all weekly live coaching calls, tracking their progress, providing strategic feedback, and checking in with them.
  • Establish supportive relationships with clients, aimed at assisting them in implementing our proven process to meet their goals.
  • Manage and support existing clients by answering their questions, resolving their issues, and delighting them.

The Client Success Coach is an advocate on behalf of our company and a leader in the eyes of our clients. This position monitors client conversations, helping our Program clients learn and apply our organic marketing, sales and delivery strategies.

The position reports directly to the Client Success Manager, while also working closely with other key members of the team.

This position involves working Monday – Friday, and sometimes responding to client questions via our members only Facebook group outside of normal 9 – 5 Eastern work hours. This position is 100% work from home.

This opportunity requires 20 hours per week. You get to work from home or anywhere there is reliable internet access.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You don’t enjoy reading professional development or business books, consuming podcasts or investing in continuous education. A commitment to your personal growth is essential to thrive in this role.
  • You have a lot going on and you aren’t willing to let some of it go. We are looking for someone who wants to grow with our company and is NOT looking for something temporary.

What we are looking for someone who:

  • Group facilitation experience delivering a pre-designed curriculum.
  • A coaching certification.
  • Ability to manage ongoing conversations with multiple people at once.
  • High emotional intelligence and is able to hold space, listen to, support and encourage others to shift beliefs and take action.
  • An independent, self starter working mentality.
  • The capability to adapt with changes on the go – we have a fast paced work environment and we are growing quickly.
  • Problem solving skill set – when you recognize that something is wrong, you come back with potential solutions (not just to announce the broken issue).
  • A growth mindset, being open to direct and blunt feedback to enhance performance.
  • A quiet home work environment with a reliable computer and strong wi-fi connection.

This role is perfect for you if…

  • You genuinely care. Not just felt, but expressed. Your client’s success is yours, and so is their failure. You bust a gut to help clients win.
  • You love a challenge. You’re resourceful when it comes to figuring things out and making them happen.
  • You’re proactive. You don’t wait, you take the initiative. You ask. You act. You look for ways to do more than expected.
  • You’re a team player. We’re not looking for rockstar performers, so much as rock-solid team-mates. You’ll work closely with our support team, the coaching team, and me, to help build the training, tools, and resources clients need most. You’ll pitch in at Team Hawk Client events. You’ll notice when your team-mates could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.
  • You show integrity. You protect our Intellectual Property. Every action you take is 100% legal, ethical, and would make you proud if you saw it on the 6 o’clock news.
  • You’re confident. Clients look to us for guidance and leadership. You’re a great communicator and a confident coach.
  • You’ve got energy to burn. You lead with your energy. You meet people where they’re at, and you leave them two levels higher.
  • You show up like a pro. You represent me, and you represent Team Hawk to the world. You look and sound great on Facebook, on Zoom, and in person.
  • You follow-through. You keep your word: When you say you’ll do something, it gets done.

You don’t need to know how everything works here at Team Hawk before applying. We’ll train you on our core content, and our approach to coaching clients.

You’ll be expected to drive your own learning, and learn quickly. Once you’re fully up to speed (2-3 months), you’ll be responsible for your own group of 40-60 clients. That’s a significant effort, so be sure you’re ready to commit.

Key responsibilities of the role:

  • Respond to client questions within 24 hours, offering daily coaching in our client-supporting Facebook group.
  • Have an extreme awareness of who each client is, where they are in the Program, when they’re behind schedule, how they’re feeling, and anything else that would help us serve them better.
  • Host group coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Learn all of our programs, lessons, strategies, policies, and decision-making process so you can give expert feedback and support.
  • Maintain the Program clients dashboard, keeping all client data up to date and organized.
  • Manage changes and updates to the existing Program itself and manage adding new content and modules to the Program
  • Make sure that all SOPs related to the Program, coaching strategies and best practices are up to date
  • Enhance and improve client retention by reviewing client experience and satisfaction, tracking when clients are eligible to move into a new program, and developing strategies for client retention.
  • Managing the renewal process for clients continuing on inside the program OR off-boarding clients in a timely manner and providing a smooth and positive experience.

Additional expectations include:

  • Maintaining a pulse on client sentiment and suggesting improvements for client-facing processes in Client Success.
  • Troubleshooting and streamlining backend systems in the Client Success.
  • Always noticing where you can assist fellow team members, and enthusiastically pitching in when possible.
  • Communicating clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing – we have a 100% remote team, clear communication is a must.
  • Having excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Being tech savvy and willing to learn new technological tools.
  • Grow your expertise in our programs, industry, marketing strategies, and client success strategies by spending at least 1 hour per week on personal development.

What your position at Team Hawk may look like in a given month:

  • Offering coaching, cheerleading, and trouble-shooting in our client-serving Facebook group.
  • Leading weekly group coaching calls.
  • Offering 1:1 coaching calls.
  • Asking clients clarifying questions to help them implement the strategy, trust the process, conduct their Lean Launch, refine their program curriculum, shift their beliefs and address problems that arise as they apply what they are learning.
  • Attending team meetings.
  • Assisting and sometimes coaching fellow team members.


Introduce yourself, show us how you show up for clients. Shoot a short video showing us how to make your favorite meal, the “quick guide” version. (Remember: We’re not looking for a feature-length movie, 5 minutes tops will do!)⠀⠀

We value your ability to communicate and to connect with people. While your video production isn’t so important, take some time preparing what you want to tell us. There’s no prize for first response, we’re looking for how you show up.

Send an email to hello [at] jereshiahawk [dot] com with the subject line: “YOUR NAME – Client Success Coach” and a LINK to your video. We’re a remote company, so your location really doesn’t matter. We’re looking for a good fit for the role, wherever you happen to be. In the video, just mention where you’re located too. ⠀⠀⠀

We’re accepting applications up until Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

We’ll let you know once we’ve started to review your application. After that, you probably won’t hear from us until the application deadline has passed. We want to give everyone who’s interested in a fair chance to apply.⠀⠀⠀

Send us your application, we can’t wait to meet you!