You are excited to be part of a fast paced online education company that is creating waves in the digital marketing industry. You are a highly motivated, A-player who is as passionate about personal growth as we are. And you are eager to have a direct impact on helping others become the best versions of themselves. 

Team Hawk exists to help entrepreneurs package their skills, raise their rates and sell their services consistently. We are growing quickly and looking for a hawkeye to join the team.


COPYWRITER – Part-Time Employee Position Available Now

Do you love creating bite-sized shareable social media content from the comfort of your own home? If so, this position is for you. 

Position Overview:

This position has three primary functions:

+ Provide excellent customer experiences for our paid clients. When it comes to our customers and tribe, we lead with compassion

+ Synthesize client feedback and work with internal teams to respond to our clients’ needs

+ Create evangelists and advocates among our client base

The primary goals of this position are to:

+ Brainstorm social media content ideas each month with Jereshia and the Marketing Coordinator

+ Write social media copy that aligns with our message and resonates with our audience for Instagram and Facebook

+ Repurpose the social media copy into email newsletter and website blog articles

+ Share your copy with our graphic designer so she can bring your ideas to life

+ Our Marketing Coordinator will schedule the finished product and respond to the comments in each post

+ Report engagement metrics for content each week to replicate what works and eliminate what doesn’t

This opportunity requires 20 hours per week to start with plenty of room for growth. 

You must be available 9a – 5p (Pacific OR Eastern), Monday – Friday. You get to work from home or anywhere there is reliable internet access, but you must LIVE within the USA.

Compensation is $17 – $22/hour, plus paid holidays including: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, plus any day the office is officially closed.

This is a PART TIME EMPLOYEE position with opportunities for growth.

We ONLY want people who are fully committed to working with us and helping us build a world class coaching business.

Please do NOT apply if:

+ you have your own copywriting or marketing company and want to continue to serve multiple clients

+ you are looking for something temporary

Capabilities you MUST exemplify:

+ Works very well with other people and can build rapport quickly with both team members and paid clients 

+ Is an independent, self-starter

+ Is not locked into just working 9-5 but embraces a “until it gets done” attitude

+ Problem solving (right solutions, right time)

+ Professional yet sociable

+ Is not afraid of new challenges

+ Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly

+ Adapts really well to changes on-the-go

+ Comfortable with difficult conversations

+ Can handle direct & blunt feedback

+ Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying collected and organized

We are a fast growing online coaching company, meaning the strategy and direction that worked for us three months ago may be outdated and in need of major overhaul three months later. 

You’ll be uber successful here if you are a human that meets these characteristics: 

+ You have at least one year of experience creating social media copy that is highly engaging

+ You love writing short copy that packs a powerful punch and drives people to take action

+ You are incredibly creative and can easily repurpose a single, 20-minute Facebook Live video into 4-5 different Instagram posts

+ You have excellent communication skills and love collaborating on projects

+ You follow a ton of personal development Instagram accounts and are committed to personal growth, self care, and being the best version of yourself

Key Responsibilities Of Your Role:

1) Copywriting 

  • Write engaging long form content pieces (400 – 600 word count) 
  • Write catchy headline titles  
  • Reformatting repurposed long form content to be used as email newsletters
  • Reformatting repurposed long form content to be used as SEO friendly blog articles (promoting the podcast each week) 


2) Content Strategy   

  • Identify Facebook live videos to repurpose 
  • Free Facebook Group – Monthly content & engagement plan development
  • Instagram – Monthly content & engagement plan development
  • Instagram – Hashtag research, development, selection
  • Podcast – Semi-annual content plan development 


Additional expectations include: 

  • Maintain and/or update existing tasks in project management software as directed by the Operations Manager
  • Update SOP’s as needed to reflect the most up-to-date processes
  • Stay up-to-date on new episodes of the “Jereshia Said” Podcast and all of Jereshia’s training courses
  • Participate in weekly L10 department meeting
  • Participate in monthly 1:1 check ins 


    Please click the link below and complete the application. We expect there to be a high volume of applicants, so apply now!

    Click here to apply for the position of Copywriter:

    Applications close September 4, 2020, but if the right applicant comes along, we’ll close early.

    If you want to step into a role with a great opportunity, enjoy knowing all the details and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this just might be the role for you!