When I was still working my 9-5 and was working with clients, I was asking myself “how do I position my business to leverage beyond 1:1s so I can experience $8-15k months?” 

Want to know how I did it? 

Today I’m outlining the 3 key steps I took to be able to leverage my 1:1 offer into a group coaching program. 

#1 The Conscious Decision to Make Short-Term Sacrifices

For a period of time, I made the conscious decision to sacrifice my free time. This meant waking up earlier to work before my 9-5, working during my lunch hour, doing coaching calls with clients in my car during my 2-hour commute, not hanging out with friends–yes, literally all the things. 

If you want to transition from 1:1 with clients to a group coaching program, then you need foresight.

You must ask yourself:

What am I willing to sacrifice right now, to position myself for what I want in the future? For how long are you willing to commit to this? 

Put a timeframe around it. I would not recommend making it indefinite. You are better able to make short-term sacrifices when you know it has an expiration date in the near future. 

A lot of upfront work must happen in the beginning, in order to build the right foundation to be scaled later; but if you do it well once, then you can leverage it.

#2 Recognizing sales as a contact sport

When you’re first starting your business, your #1 priority should be infusing an influx of cash into your business. Cash gives you the capacity to actually be able to scale.

Commit to making contact with your prospects every day. The more contact you make, the more sales you will have. Commit to doing one live video every day or once a week. 

Be willing to have conversations – get on the sales calls, have those DM conversations. Actual conversations allow you to convert someone into a $3k, $9k, or $15k program. Sales pages alone won’t do this. 

#3 Commit to a strategy that aligns with the capacity you have available. If you are a busy mom and wife trying to juggle all the things, and wondering how to scale your business in a way that gives you capacity back, then a leveraged coaching offer is your best bet.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • What short-term sacrifice do you need to make now, that will position you for long-term success in your business? Short-term sacrifices require you to have a level of discomfort for 6-8 months to leverage your business beyond 1:1 clients later.
  • Sales is a contact sport- if you make enough contact with enough prospects, you will make more sales. Simple as that. 
  • The secret to sticking with the commitment you made to yourself, even when you are NOT motivated and don’t feel like doing it 
  • I walk you through the best strategy for scaling your business in a lean way, including using organic lead marketing, direct-response marketing, and permission-based sales.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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Check out this episode!

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