Before you sign up to work with the next business coach that promises to “to help you scale to 7-figures” you need to first ask yourself if your business is actually set up to scale? Are your offers ready to scale? The way that your business is set up operationally, will it allow you to leverage your offers, later on, to take on more clients? 

If you are at the $200k, $300k, or the half a million mark, then that means you know how to articulate your value, you know what problem your audience has and their objections, and you know how to sell to get bodies in the door. 

However, if you want to surpass $1M, you must ensure your systems operationally behind the scenes are set up to get you there. 

These systems need to be in place BEFORE you throw additional marketing at your scalability problem. 

If your offer is almost entirely dependent on you showing up, then I hate to break it to you, but NO, this is NOT a scalable business model. In this episode, I talk you through the process of how to get real with yourself, so you can ask yourself the honest question of “which offer is the one that will get me beyond $1M?” 

Will your current offer be the one to get you there, or not? This is a question that must be answered. It’s only after you are able to be real with yourself, that clarity can reveal itself to you, in order to have the right steps you need to move forward. 

The mistake most 6-figure going on 7-figure entrepreneurs make is that they hire a marketing agency to help them scale before they are actually ready. Then they get swamped with more leads than they know what to do with; suddenly they’re overwhelmed, burn out, and end up quitting the game altogether. 

I don’t want that to happen to you. 

That’s why in this episode I am sharing all the millionaire secrets to scaling that most business coaches don’t want you to know. 

Listen if you are ready to scale your business beyond $1M, and want to save years of mistakes, headaches, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. This one’s for you! 

Jereshia Said Podcast - Ep #148- What's Required To Scale Beyond $1M That Your Business Coach Isn't Telling You


Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Marketing will break your business faster than anything else if your offer isn’t actually scaleable, to begin with. If the offer itself, is not set up to scale from the backend– then adding more marketing could put you in a position of heightened overwhelm instead.
  • When you are a selling high-ticket program, ads may buy you leads, but ads won’t convert by themselves. Manual touchpoints, with human interaction, are still required to close the sale.  
  • Be careful about what is marketed to you –you need to be savvy enough to know what you actually need and when your business needs it. 
  • Explaining the major difference between monthly recurring revenue and huge 1-hit-wonder launches. Are you more focused on $100k launches or are you more interested in having 100k months?
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 

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Check out this episode!

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