How To Grow Your Coaching Practice Online in 2020 By Launching A High-Ticket Program

... including how I booked over $60,000 in 1 month by converting just 7 clients (while I was STILL working full-time)

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💰My simple 4 step framework to turn new leads into high ticket clients when nobody knows who you are. 

⛔️ Why you should stop creating cheap offers (and stop working with 💩 clients).

💵 Discover what to do when you are struggling to convince people that what you offer is worth paying premium for.

 ðŸ™ŒðŸ¼ How to conquer your perfectionism so you know what you need to focus on first, second, third and so on to eliminate procrastination and take consistent actions that result in sales. 

🚫 The 3 most outdated and ineffective marketing strategies every online coach is teaching you (and why they do NOT work anymore).  

📂 The biggest mistakes most business owners makes when positioning their services and WHY they are costing you major profits. 

*This free training is NOT suitable for MLM as the material is only relevant for those who sell their own coaching programs or consulting services. 

Who's teaching this masterclass?

Hi, I'm Jereshia Hawk. I'm your typical 20 something who LOVES strategy, sales and long walks down the school supply aisle at Target.  

I started back in 2016 and since then I've helped hundreds of corporate professionals and full time business owners build a consistent income stream by turning their ideas into income, reclaiming financial flexibility and independence.  

I went from being a pipeline engineer, leading $400 Million projects to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, doubling my salary within 18 months, all by niching down and selling a high ticket, signature service. I am determined to share the strategies I've used to help YOU experience similar growth.  

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