More clients. More money. Less stress.

Sustainably scale your
with a curriculum
based group
If you’re ready to trade
in guess work for a proven

you’re in
the right place.

I’m Jereshia Hawk and I’m
here to help you engineer a

sustainable coaching business
with a rock solid organic

marketing strategy, a proven
curriculum (based on your

experience and expertise),
and outstanding client results.

The truth is,
most businesses fail.

If you’re committed to
making over $200k/yr, you’re
to do what most
people won’t. And if you’re a
woman of color,
the statistics
are even more disheartening.

All of that said, it’s 100%
possible and if you’ve made it
far, you are 100%

You can have a solid business
doing what you love to do,

getting your clients epic
results, and making the
money you
need not just for
your life, but for the next
generation too.

This work is my mission.

I’ve built my business with a
specific goal in mind; to
the racial wealth gap by training
experts to create
online coaching businesses.

For me, this is about more than
just making money. It’s
being obedient. It’s about using
the gifts God gave
me to change
the world. And that’s how my
favorite clients
feel too— they’re
doing this work not just because
love it, but because they’re
here to make an impact.


Fulfilling your legacy
more than a dream,
it requires

If you’re an expert in your field
who’s committed to
getting your
clients incredible results - LEAN IN.

Growing your
business with 1:1

clients is simply NOT

Instead, you need to create
a curriculum based group

coaching program that gives
your clients an incredible

experience and the results
to match.

It takes more than just
deciding to run a group, it
strategy and systems
to make it happen from your

marketing and sales all the
way to your delivery and

refinement process.

Enter, LEVERAGE: The
industry's most advanced
system to leverage
your time
and scale your
client results
with a group
coaching program.

LEVERAGE is a hybrid program
that includes 1-on-1 feedback
and group
coaching calls as well as a proven
to support you in
designing, selling, and scaling
curriculum-based, high-ticket group
coaching program.

Meet our


This therapist's sales confidence soared after having a $65k launch.

“Before Leverage, I had a documented curriculum and framework that I knew produced results, but I knew very little about sales, which was my biggest growth gap. I was frustrated because the quality of my framework (which has improved exponentially since Leverage) did not align with my sales numbers. I had high sales call conversion rates, but not enough sales calls.

Thanks to LEVERAGE, I have a strong sales process I can do in my sleep, I’ve established myself as an authority in my industry, and my confidence has soared after having a $65K launch. I feel like I’ve really stepped into being the CEO.

The Leverage framework is incredibly simple, which I think makes it unique.”

Josie Rosario, LMSW, MSEd, Therapist & Business Coach for Therapists, based in New York

This coach had his
first $50k month

while spending more
time with his son.

“Before LEVERAGE, I had a
successful personal training
business and had my eyes set
transitioning to helping other
trainers build their online fitness
business. Rather than
figuring it
out on my own, I decided to invest
in a coaching program to
accelerate my
results by using a
proven framework.

Since joining LEVERAGE, I’ve
experienced rapid growth
including hitting my first $50k

month which showed me that
$80-100k months are more than
possible. I’ve grown as a
and as a leader and while building
all of this, I’ve also been able to
spend more
quality time with my
son which is my ultimate WHY.

When it comes to coaching,
Jereshia is IT and her program is
If you’re ready to step into
your next level, get in LEVERAGE.”

Harry King Holmes, Fitness Business Coach, based in Chicago

This recovering “program junkie” was able to replace her corporate salary with LEVERAGE.

“Before Leverage I had launched a group coaching program using a launch method that left me exhausted. My price point was very low and I was struggling to figure out how I could turn my coaching practice into a sustainable business. I needed to understand how to generate quality leads and position my program in a way that would allow me to charge more.

My biggest win has been leaving my role as a lawyer after 10 years. I had been wanting to leave for the past 3 years, but needed to get my business to the point where replacing my salary was realistic. LEVERAGE did that for me. I feel confident and excited about my future as a full time coach and business owner.

Jereshia is one of a kind. The way her brain works is incredible. She breaks things down so well and has created an easy to follow and highly impactful curriculum inside of LEVERAGE. She calls you to be a better version of yourself while giving you the tools to do what you need to do without spoon feeding answers. In the process of implementation, you learn how to trust yourself. The community in Leverage has been so much more than I anticipated. I am forever grateful for being able to find "my people" in this program.

This is hands down the best investment I have made in my business (and I am a recovering program junkie). It is seriously game changing. Not only will your business grow, but you will too...exponentially.”

Janine Esbrand, Lawyer & Executive Career Coach, based in London

This coach quadrupled her client load while improving client experience and results. (And, no, she’s NOT a business coach.)

“Before LEVERAGE I was at capacity with 1:1 clients and my full time job (that I LOVE). I joined LEVERAGE to be able to reach more women of color faculty, create more time for me, to create more teaching and coaching materials, and create a cohesive community that I knew my clients would really thrive in.

Since joining, I've been able to work with 4x the number of women, which absolutely transformed me as a coach - I'm sharper, my materials are even more honed to their particular struggles, and my clients' wins have dramatically increased. With time I've now created, I've been able to do an entire curriculum refinement, launch a podcast, incorporate the 1:1 sessions in a way that makes sense for the client journey and thus are SO much more impactful. There are so many of us who are not selling biz coaching inside of LEVERAGE, we are offering our unique expertise to our fields. I bring this up because it requires a MUCH more tight, cohesive, and effective sales strategy and coach who can truly help ANY expert in their field create an effective group coaching program. I have been in a few other programs and the actually nitty gritty content of LEVERAGE is on another level - period.

If you know you have value to offer and you can back that up with client results, then LEVERAGE will fundamentally change your biz forever. Yes, you will make a lot more money, but honestly you will grow as a CEO in ways that are more valuable than any dollar amount."

Kemi M. Doll, MD, MCSR, Career Coach for WOC in Academic Medicine, based in Seattle

LEVERAGE helped this photographer transition out of her full time job.

Before joining LEVERAGE, I was craving a coaching program that had tangible benefits. I had worked with mindset coaches in the past (which were great for the seasons I was in, in the past!), but knew that in order to uplevel, I had to get a better handle on things that were actually measurable in my business. I had run a successful group coaching program for new wedding photographers in the past, but I knew that about half of the individuals it was calling in were misaligned for me, that I was severely undercharging, and that I was wasting time. I knew that I needed to work with someone who understood and could teach tangible practices in order to get results for and with others.

My biggest wins from LEVERAGE have been primarily money earned and being open to new and different perspectives. With my group coaching program since being in Leverage, I've earned $25k extra so far, and I know that will keep growing (compound effect!). When I first started Leverage, I NEVER would have considered leaving my full-time job. Today, I'm asking to go part time in it, with the intention to phase out completely at some point in the future. I have also LOVED being a part of the community of high-achievers. They inspire me every day, and pull me higher just by succeeding - I want to be like them. 🙂

LEVERAGE has been my biggest business investment ever, but the one that has reaped the most tangible and encouraging benefits. I've never felt as powerful and capable as I have during my time in LEVERAGE."

Erica Leman, Mentor to Wedding Photographers, based in New York


Wrapped up my final video and
discovery call for this lean launch!

It’s a $30K launch with over $13K cash collected! My highest launch ever!

Career Coach

My goal was 30 students and $50k.

I followed the LL method AND was very intentional about channeling energy toward my desired outcome and the results: $20,292 cash collected, $31,458 to be collected, that’s $51,750 total!

Plant Based Health Coach

Launch Total (collected + future payment) = $11,800!!

My biggest win though - every single person who got on the discovery call was a good fit for the program (HELLO targeted content + VERY specific program promise!!).

Web Developer & Mentor

I'm halfway through and have secured $80k in sales.

I went ALL IN! I joined 2 months ago and decided to shut everything else out. FOCUSED on the METHOD. Created my first Lean launch > Launched > I'm halfway through and have secured $80k in sales. I still have over 6 sales calls to go. Feeling super accomplished.

Global Event Planner & Business Coach

Celebrating my first Lean Launch (LL) completion today!

After only 5 weeks in Leverage, my first LL was a $23,391 launch. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment. This same program was once a digital course, selling for less than $1,000. After refining my program promise, I’ve been able to more than 5x my price and enroll the most amazing clients as a result.

Dog Anxiety Coach


What comes after LEVERAGE?

Our intimate & highly curated
mastermind, LEGACY.

An intimate profit-focused, curated community for coaches who are scaling their
businesses from $200k per year to $1M and beyond. Discover the sustainable way to reach millionaire status while staying true to what matters most to you.

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